Thursday, March 26, 2009

George - AKA "The Rodent", AKA the "Desert Mammal"

This adorable little devil kept me up for THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW. Well, in his defense, it wasn't just his scratching and scuttling about that kept me up. It was mostly my cats tearing my bedroom to shreds trying to catch him...

But I digress... I present to you: George. The very large rodent, AKA the 'Desert Mammal' (as Elliott, my savior and rodent capturer, put it).

How do you know you're a photography nerd? When the most logical thing to catch a rodent in is your FILM DEVELOPING TANK. Another sign might be when you CAN'T WAIT to process some B&W film using only coffee and powdered Vitamin C (check out for details.)

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