Saturday, June 27, 2009

Long time, no see (Part 1)

Yeah, I know I haven't posted in awhile. It's been ridiculously crazy - when it rains it pours, right? Been getting a lot more photo work lately, which is nice. I've also been bartending and waitressing and picking up any odd jobs I can. Work work work...

Also, one of my greatest friends, Dave Hyams, just moved back to Santa Fe... couldn't be happier about that!

So, I'll try and catch up with some random shots I've been doing here and there...

The beautiful rainbow over my super-lush backyard. Bet you didn't know there was a rainforest in Santa Fe!

Here's an older one of Alyssa that I never got around to putting up. I love it though... shot on the last day of the winter season 2009, at Backroad Pizza.

Emily loves our beautiful lace curtain-thingy.

Jonah with wine, while making epic meatballs for the roommates and I.

Emily enjoys sparkler fun with us after epic meatballs.

DJ DirtGirl (she's ridiculous) 'spinning' at the Pandemic Dance Party at Meow Wolf.

Another shot from Meow Wolf.

The 'greeter' at the Pandemic Dance Party... love it.

More to come...