Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NYC tomorrow, Santa Fe in January!

So it's almost zero-hour. I'm leaving tomorrow evening for NYC! I'm incredibly excited about the opportunities I'm going to have while I'm there, including working for Platon and Art Dept.

I also just got the call that I will be returning to Santa Fe in January for another season at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I'll be working in the studio, offering me the chance to work with some great photographers. I'm excited to work for the first time with some great people, such as Gregory Heisler and Max Vadukul, and also to work with some old favorites of mine like Alan Thornton and Joe McNally.

If my blogging slows down for the next 28 days, it's because I'm unsure of my Internet access in the city. But, per usual, I will do my best to keep up.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Greenberg / McCain debacle

I really should just keep my mouth shut about this - but I'm going to vent anyway. Briefly. And then I'm done.

Just in case you don't know which DEBACLE I'm referring to... just Google the two names together and you'll get more information than you could ever want. 'A Photo Editor' (a really great blog, if you're into blogs) has a great post on it here.

You want the Cliff's Notes version? Jill Greenberg (the photographer who shot the controversial 'shiny crying babies' awhile back - see her image at left) was hired by Atlantic Monthly to produce a 'hero' cover shot of John McCain. She got that shot. Nailed it, even. But while he was there, she also took a lot of 'less hero-esque' photos of him. Now those pictures are loose, and she hasn't held back on the manipulation and monster-lighting.

Making a political statement? Fulfilling her vision as an artist? Whatever.

One mission she DID accomplish was make life even harder for emerging professional editorial photographers. I mean, it was already an impossible industry to get into. Day rates are becoming laughable & our former clients are buying the same DSLRs that we shoot with and claiming they can do the same work. The Internet has made it easier for anyone's work to be seen, making it hard for the good work to shine though. And my biggest pet peeve - other 'emerging professionals' who are willing to give their time and work away for peanuts, bringing down the standard for us all!

As if that wasn't enough... NOW we have to deal with people DISTRUSTING us?

Further proof that we wouldn't do this unless we REALLY loved it. That, or we're insane.

(both images above ©Jill Greenberg)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

website updated!

I've been back in Michigan now for just over a week and I've been getting a lot of work done: things that I'd been putting off for a loooong time...

The good news? I just finished my new website! I am uploading it to the server right now.

PLEASE check it out and you can post feedback here. It took me awhile, but I designed the whole thing myself, from scratch, so it's fully customizable.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McNally Fest '08

So... I spent the last week assisting the great Joe McNally on a handful of jobs that he had out here in the Santa Fe area... It was a blast! I mean, I'm in desperate need of prescription painkillers and the world's longest nap right now, but it was totally worth it. Working with him was truly inspiring and I honestly would have paid HIM to let me observe him working for six straight days. But if I'm paying, someone else can haul the equipment!

I had the pleasure of assisting alongside my good friend Norah Levine and also with Copper Perry and Jesus Zapata - our hair and makeup squad.

Here's some snaps from the first and last days of shooting - the only times I had enough 'down' time to grab my camera...

Copper, our amazing makeup and hair guru, powdering Joe so that he's not all shiny on the video.

Here I am, striking a pose for Norah...

Copper, doing Deserae's makeup.

Deserae, waiting for her time in front of the camera. Deserae is already one of the most beautiful girls I know, so by the time that Copper was done with her, watch out...

Joe, showing the hole in the flag that he was shooting through for the shot of Thomas.

Jason, the videographer that was on set with us for two days, with Norah sneaking up behind...

Jason filming Joe while Copper touching up the model's makeup.

Norah, getting ready for her five minutes as a super model during a shoot at Fusion night club.

Ciera, our model for Tuesday, getting the finishing touches put on by Jesus, Copper's assistant.

Norah, showing us how to REALLY make an entrance at the club. :o)

Copper doing Ciera's hair at Fusion.

Me showing off my "Tell Your Mama to Vote for Obama" shirt (and fancy tiera) in the green hallway at Fusion. These shirts are handmade by my friend Jennifer.

Copper, making a funny face under an amazing sky-light inside Fusion.

You can check out Joe's blog to see some images from the week and to hear more about how he's a total genius and can make speedlights (small strobes) look like full studio lighting (if not better!) We used Nikon SB-900s as our ONLY artificial lighting source all week and you'd never know from looking at the amazing pictures he got.

On a separate note, I'm moving back to Detroit for the fall. I leave this Saturday the 6th from Albuquerque, and I won't be back in Santa Fe until January. While I'm away I'll be spending a month in NYC doing some internships, as well as time in Chicago and hopefully Minneapolis visiting friends and family. It's hard to say goodbye to beautiful New Mexico (the 'Land of Enchantment' has definitely 'enchanted' this girl!) but I'm very excited to see my loved ones and to have what is sure to be an adventure in the Big Apple.