Tuesday, September 16, 2008

website updated!

I've been back in Michigan now for just over a week and I've been getting a lot of work done: things that I'd been putting off for a loooong time...

The good news? I just finished my new website! I am uploading it to the server right now.

PLEASE check it out and you can post feedback here. It took me awhile, but I designed the whole thing myself, from scratch, so it's fully customizable.


1 comment:

Melba said...

Hey Lovely,

I like your new site, great colors and very clean...easy to navigate. I like the portfolio page, but I'm wondering what it would like like with a tad more space between the images? I found the close proximity of the photos to one another a tiny bit distracting. I also love your bio, very funny and...just "you" to me. :) I think you should try mayo.