Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mej and Patrick

This past weekend my good friends Megan (Mej) and Patrick came into town and we helped them celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. Mej was my very first roommate my freshman year in college and we've been good friends for years.

On their last night in town I coerced the two of them into sitting for one roll on the Hasselblad - figuring if I got something good I could make a print and send it to them as an anniversary present. This shoot was the maiden voyage of one of my new toys, the GorillaPod SLR-Zoom that I got for Christmas from my awesome little brother. Because of it I was able to shoot these in VERY low light, the only light is from the dining room hanging light fixture across the room. Even then, I had to push the film one stop.

I chose this shot from the heroes because it proudly displays Patrick's gift from his wife, a very nice 'Movado' watch. All weekend he kept staring at it, shining it on his shirt, and showing it to strangers... and I know that years from now they'll look back at this picture and remember their Movado Anniversary. :o)

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