Thursday, August 21, 2008

Draggin' my feet...

It's kind of hard to stay motivated as soon as the season ends. I've found that the "two days" of sleeping in that I was going to treat myself with has turned into a whole week! I think I may actually start to be canceling out the lack of sleep I experienced over the last three months!

I'm staying busy doing other things besides sleeping, though. Assisting gigs, mostly. Piecing together a living, per usual! I am looking forward to working with the great Joe McNally next week when he ventures back up to Santa Fe for a few days, he's always such a blast.

As soon as we wrap I have to get packing for the trip back to Detroit (on the 6th) and then to the Big Apple! I'll be in the city for the better part of a month doing some internships and making some contacts. I'm very anxious to get out there and start hitting the pavement! I also can't wait to see my good friend Nick, who I've been missing dearly since he moved out there in April.

No new pictures for right now, been too busy lately with other things... It's amazing how much of being a 'photographer' does NOT involve actually taking photographs! I promise the camera won't gather dust for too long, I'm already having withdrawal symptoms!

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